Optimization in Marketing Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Farzaneh Shoushtari Alumni of Industrial Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran
  • Elnaz Bashir Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 50010
  • Saed Hassankhani Department of business, Islamic Azad University West Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran
  • Seyedkian Rezvanjou Department of Engineering, California State University East Bay, Hayward, California, 94542
Keywords: Optimization, Marketing, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Performance


This paper investigates the role of optimization in marketing practices and its impact on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. The study explores various optimization techniques employed in marketing strategies, such as data-driven decision-making, segmentation, targeting, and channel optimization. By examining existing literature and case studies, we highlight the benefits and challenges associated with implementing optimization in marketing campaigns. The findings emphasize the importance of adopting optimization methods to improve customer targeting, resource allocation, and overall marketing performance.

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Shoushtari, F., Bashir, E., Hassankhani, S., & Rezvanjou, S. (2023). Optimization in Marketing Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness. International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Operational Research, 5(2), 12-23. Retrieved from https://bgsiran.ir/journal/ojs-3.1.1-4/index.php/IJIEOR/article/view/40